Something New, Something Blue

Will you be welcoming a new member into your family shortly? When you get married their is the old expression, something “something old, something new, something blue, and something borrowed.” When it comes to baby showers for boys that expression is a little bit shorter. But if you are going to be having a nautical baby shower the idea of something new and something blue go very well together.

You can really let yourself get carried away when it comes to shower, but there is little reason to hold yourself back.

Celebrating a baby shower with a nautical flare is a great way to welcome a baby boy into your lives. And the fact that the shower takes on the whole maritime character makes it a great opportunity for you to enjoy it as a couple.

You see when you decide to enjoy a nautical baby shower there are a couple of benefits you won’t mind with many other styles of baby shower, they allow you to embrace the day, giving you the chance to have it hosted the way you want. And there is little could be more rewarding than the perfect day with your family.

Some of the benefits of hosting a shower like this are:

  • a perfect afternoon filled with good times and games
  • a number of opportunities to celebrate you wouldn’t otherwise have:
        1. ) As a couples
        2. ) For your son
        3. ) With a theme you can enjoy
  • a chance for lasting memories

There are so many reasons why you would want to celebrate a baby shower, there are so many more why you would want to make it a nautical one. When you get the chance you should jump at the opportunity to enjoy a shower dedicated to your little boy.

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